Spirits for Sale


The old website www.spiritsforsale.com will soon disappear but all info will be found on this page.

Spirits for sale - the awardwinning documentary:

Best international film of the South Dakota Film Festival 2007.

Best international Spiritual Documentary at New York International Indie Film & Video Festival 2009.

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The film is i english with a choice of Swedish subtitles.

Institutional sale: 500SKR + VAT/moms + postage

Consumer sale: 99SKR + postage

(99 SKR approx. $14  or 11EUR)

Institutional price includes public performance rights. More info in swedish: www.bcbooks.se

”...a good and heart-felt piece of work and would make an impact on students and the general public.”

Anthropology Review Database

”A very moving and interesting documentary of the commercialization and ignorance surrounding Native Americans and their culture...highly recommended.”

”I recommend the film to anyone interested in aboriginal spirituality and philosophy and in the commercialized exploitation of Native Americans spirituality.

The photo is superb and gives a vivid picture of, above all, the land of the Lakotas in South Dakota.”-

-”I hope as many people as possible get the opportunity to see this film, which maybe should be called ”Spirits are not for sale” and that they, in the future, critically examine everybody claiming to teach Native American spirituality.”

Jörgen I Eriksson. www.norrshaman.net

”Banfield and Johansson deserve props for tackling the topic head on. It is not an easy task to make a film in a language not your own profiling a society not your own.”

Carole Quattro Levine

”Thank you for this great contribution to the cause of social, economic and spiritual justice for American Indian Peoples.”

Virginia Majewski

The 13th of october 2007 the film was  shown at Hagabion in Gothenburg, Sweden.

From left: Folke Johansson, Annika Banfield and Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Photo by Åke Fredriksson

The team Folke Johansson and Annika Banfield interviewing Gayle Ross,

Cherokee woman.


Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Andrew Thomas, Navajo

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Al Carrol, Mescalero Apache

San Antonio, Texas

Vic Camp, Lakota

South Dakota

Mike Chirobokow


Folke Johansson and Jerry Clown,

Location Manager at Bear Butte, SD